Abdiqani Abdillahi Aden is a writer, historian, biographer, political commentator, and researcher specialized in the history of Somaliland, SNM, and the wider Somali region. He has dedicated his career to uncovering and sharing the stories of individuals and events that have shaped in somalis.

Abdiqani has an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from Kampala International University and two bachelor's degrees one in Islamic Studies from Gollis University and the other in Law from Inti International University, Malaysia. With a passion for research and a talent for storytelling, Cabdiqani has become a respected authority on the lives of historical figures, as well as the social, cultural, and political movements that have defined our past.

Abdiqani is the author of Cabdiraxmaan Axmed Cali (Tuur) biography of 1st President of Somaliland, DAMAL: Halgankii Ummadda & Himiladii Cabdiqaadir Koosaar, SUGANTIDII SNM, and editor of several somali written books, including figures such as, Labo Isma Saarin, Halgan iyo Haladayg.

Moreover, he participated in many academic conferences and published a number of academic papers and numerous articles written in Somali, Arabic and English languages.

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